Velocitron is a mineral and metal rich planet in orbit around a massive star that emits both high-energy radiation (X- and Gamma-rays) and occasional bursts of UV Laser emissions.
The entire system is deadly to organic life, and the surface of Velocitron will kill Cybertronians on the dayside in minutes.

On the other hand, energon production is incredibly easy, and the metals for production of replacement parts are everywhere.

The Throttlebots settled Velocitron by modifying Grand Maximus's base altmode into a massive vehicle mode (incorporating most of their other non-living ships) while in orbit, and then landing on the nightside where Grand Maximus transformed into a city-sized vehicle that travels constantly to remain on the nightside.

Mining crews depart Grand Maximus at speed, work during the night, and then race back to Grand Maximus before dawn.

Grand Maximus's top level is mostly a racetrack. The primary pastime and entertainment for Velocitronians are a series of races.
The government of Velocitron is democratic, but in practice the fame from winning races leads directly to a seat on the Throttlebot council.
Only the head of mining operations, Wideload, has a seat on the council without being a racer.

The Battlechargers are pushing for expansion (and conquest) beyond Velocitron and using the races to try to gain seats on the council.
They are enthusiastically opposed by another racing team, the Jumpstarters.

The conflict between the Battlechargers and Jumpstarters has spilled off the track to include actual fights, broken up by Grand (the Robot half of Grand Maximus's split mode).