Vehicle Mode

You have the means of travel and common features of the vehicle you turn into. Discuss what sort of vehicle you are with the GM.

Vehicle Atmodes have a limited version of Energon Synthesis at no cost.
This ability lets them use the fuel intended for the vehicle they copy, but can only be used as a substitute for the EC for travel in vehicle mode.

A Vehicle may have weapons that use ammunition, or a non-energon powersource.
Their damage is not based on the Firepower Stat, but usually Size plus a damage bonus.
These weapons will likely have a penalty to attack with them if they are especially damaging, or have limited ammunition.

Required Stats: Durability, Firepower, Maneuverability, Power, Response, Sensors, Size, and Speed.

Vehicles that are ridden can carry someone with a Size one higher than their own. Vehicles that carry passengers inside can hold someone with a Size two lower. If seating is close, and it takes a bit of squeezing to get in an out, you can carry twice the passengers.