System Failure

System Failure
Roll d66. If a result comes up that doesn’t apply, or they already have, they gain a Fault instead.

System Failure may be limited to one mode.
To check if a system failure effects all modes roll 1d6:
1-4: All modes affected.
5-6: Only the character's current mode is affected.

After determining the system failure if it is italicised roll 1d6:
1-4: Failure is in effect until repaired.
5-6: Failure is intermittent. Roll 1d6 when the affected system would be used, it fails on 3 or less.
For systems that normally operate continuously the intermittent failure lasts for one phase or 15 minutes, then check again.

11-12 Bad motivator:
Speed Stat halved (round down).

13 Breach:
The character is leaking Energon.
Characters may take an Action to Seal Breach.

14 Catastrophic structural damage

15 Coms disruption:
The character’s built-in communication equipment is unusable.

16 Cracked Spark Chamber

21 Decoupled:
Characters who are combined separate immediately. Temporary

22-23 Energon Regulation irregularities:

24-25 Energon Reserve in Lockdown:
The character cannot take in more Energon.

26-31 Exospacial glitch:
A randomly determined Exospace Quality fails.

32-33 Fault:
The character gains another Fault.

34-35 Memory Core corruption

36 Resist Stasis Lock:
The character’s systems are overwhelmed and attempt to preserve themselves by Stasis Locking the character.

41-42 Sensor malfunctions:
Sensors Stat halved (round down).

43-44 Servo power loss:
Strength Stat halved (round down).

45-46 Slowdown:
Response Stat halved (round down).

51-52 Stabilizer misalignment:
Coordination Stat halved (round down).

53-56 Standby triggered:
Character is now in Standby. Temporary.

61-62 System lockout:
A randomly determined non-exospace Mode Quality fails.

63 Transformation Cog seized:
The character cannot transform. Combiners affected by this will immediately separate and be stuck in a randomly determined Mode.

64 Vocaliser off-line:
The character cannot speak.

65-66 Weapons failure:
Built-in weapons are unavailable.