Name: Stok

Recently Vector Sigma, despite the lack of resources, called up a protoform and imbued it with a Spark. Stok is, as they say, Warm; he is new to the world and lacks experience.

The Decepticons will not tolerate anyone who can’t pull their own weight, but do allow for a grace period for new Cybertronians. Stok needs to figure out what his role will be soon.

Luckily, Stok was recently recruited by a Decepticon maintenance technician, SixSpider. SixSpider needs him to help with some project of his, Stok hopes this will turn into a permanent position.

Spark (A)

Adroitness: 5
Magnitude: 3
Intensity: 5
Determination: 5

Experience (D adjusted from C)

Charisma: 2
Courage: 3
Discipline: 2
Empathy: 3


Robot Mode (A adjusted from B)
Stok looks like a robot. He looks like everyone, and no one. He is mostly white and light gray, with some blue and red accents on his torso. None of his body suggests what his Altmode is, or if he even has one. His face has light blue eyes, no nose, and a slit suggesting a mouth. The slit lights up when he speaks, the width of the illuminated line is based on how loud he is.

Coordination: 3
Durability: 4
Firepower: 4
Response: 4
Sensors: 4
Size: 3
Size-: 2
Speed: 4
Strength: 3

Useful Aesthetics: Bland.
Stok’s generic appearance gives +2 to rolls where being ignored, overlooked, or fitting in helps.

Energon Reserve: 36
Energon Cost: 6

Vehicle Altmode (B adjusted to A)
Stok transforms into a white, common, basic, electric, wheeled vehicle. This vehicle with minor variations is found throughout the civilized galaxy. Stok can use Holomatter projection to replicate the look of specific models of this type of vehicle. He seats four typically sized humanoids, but not comfortably.

Durability: 4
Firepower: 4
Power: 3
Maneuverability: 3
Response: 4
Sensors: 4
Size: 3
Size-: 2
Speed: 4

Holomatter Camouflage:
Stok can use Holomatter to look exactly like specific models of his vehicle type, and change color.

Energon Cost: 36

Hardware (D)