Name: Stellatrix

Built, after both the Revolt and the Purge, from a rare protoform; Stellatrix never fit into Deception controlled Cybertron. Intended for space travel, she was the only non-Seeker permitted to explore. For the most part she stayed out of the Civil war, but hoped for the Autobots to triumph; they were the faction in favor of greater exploration.

She continues to work for the Deceptions without membership in the faction, despite her obvious lack of respect, as she is too useful to Cybertron because of the mineral-rich asteroids she brings back from her expeditions.

Recently she entered her private quarters, just off Seeker Base at LZ-2, and found a DataTab with an anonymous message. It claimed an opportunity for her to see the stars beyond the limits Shockwave allows, and gave a location to drop off the DataTab after she recorded a reply. She suspects this is a ploy by Shockwave, who never liked her and is getting to comfortable with his leadership role in Megatron's absence.

But, what if it isn't?

Spark (B)

Adroitness: 3
Magnitude: 5
Intensity: 3
Determination: 3

Exospace Affinity

Experience (D)

Charisma: 4
Courage: 3
Discipline: 1
Empathy: 1

Qualities: (1 pt. each)
Scavenger: +1 to finding and acquiring useful material.
Scout: +1 to orient oneself, find new routes, and do it quietly.

Complication: (+1pt.)

Robot Mode (A)
Feminine in form, and very slender. She appears to be wearing a long gown in robot mode, and carries what appears to be a parasol. Her “dress” is dark crimson and black, with some gold accents.
Her “skin” is white, her head is sculpted to suggest hair worn up, it is black. Her face has red lips, a nose, and her eyes look like she is wearing victorian quad sunglasses with gold frames and black lenses.
She is tall for her Size (head and shoulders taller than Megatron) and looks down on all but truly massive Decepticons.

Coordination: 3
Durability: 4
Firepower: 0
Response: 3
Sensors: 3
Size: 5
Size-: 0
Speed: 3
Strength: 4

Mass Shifting - two Sizes: 5 and 0 [Size 0 / Size- 5] (2 pts.)
At Size 0 she retains the same proportions and is taller than most Humanoids.
If her Mass Shifting fails she becomes Size 13, nearly 150 feet tall.

Unique Technology - Tractor Beam.
Frequent, Versatile, Affects others, no EC.
This allows her to exert her Strength on something in an adjacent area. (4 pts.)
Stellatrix mainly uses this to push buttons and open doors, but does throw around low-ranked Decepticons who try to exert authority over her.

Complication: (+1)
No onboard weaponry

Energon Reserve: 156
Energon Cost: 12 / 2

Vehicle Altmode
An enormous, and oddly gothic, black and red saucer-shaped spacecraft lined with large windows along the edge. The type of craft typically used for scenic touring cruises for the Galaxy's elite.
She travels by Space Folding (when not using her UltraFlight), and is equipped with a tractor beam and shuttle bay, but no weapons.
Four Size 5 Cybertronians can fit in the empty shuttle bay in vehicle mode (quarters are cramped otherwise).
The rest of her vast, luxurious, white, red, and gold interior is intended for Humanoids. She has artificial gravity throughout.
The Ship’s gothic look is likely not part of the Quintesson design but an embellishment added during assembly by Stellatrix’s preconscious Spark’s developing personality.

Durability: 3
Firepower: 0
Maneuverability: 3
Power: 1
Response: 1
Sensors: 3
Size: 13
Size-: -8
Speed: 3

Carrying Capacity (1 pt.)
Massive: 4 (4pts.)
Subspace Compartment: holds Size worth of Volume (2 pts.)
UltraFlight (2 pt.)
Her Subspace compartment is accessible through the same set of doors as her shuttle bay. She has no way to access it in her Robot Mode. This compartment and her UltraFlight are capabilities the original Quintesson design didn’t include. They were likely added by Vector Sigma, attempting to follow some garbled version of a Quintesson directive.

Object required Altmode: "Scarlet" (+1pt.)
Her “parasol” becomes part of the ship's drive, and is required to transform into this Mode.

No onboard weaponry. (+1pt.)

Energon Cost: 28

Hardware (C)

This parasol shaped “Singularity Gun” can also act as a shield. It is both her Weapon and Gear. It matches her color scheme, red with a black handle, it’s controls and trigger are gold.

Weapon: (2 pts.)
Firepower 3, two handed, Attack +4, Deal Damage +13, 10 shots.
Special: The pulse pulls you toward it. Use Strength, not Speed, to Dodge or Dive-for-Cover.
Special: The pulse turns your own mass against you, use Strength, not Size, to Resist Damage.
Special: If the pulse hits, A maneuver to Immobilize may be made as a free action:

Immobilize: Firepower & Coordination
Critical Success: Immobilized and -2 to first Recovery attempt.
Success: Immobilized.
Failure: No effect.
Critical Failure: Pulling free of the beam puts the target in a better position.
(+1 to their next action.)

Gear: (1pt.)
Shielding - Block ranged attacks, +3 to Block rolls, +2 to Resist Damage.
The shield can attract projectives, energy pulses, and other blows toward it. A “clean hit” on Stellatrix is very difficult.

Complication: (+1 pt.)
"Scarlet" is mode Limited to Robot Mode.