A machine, workstation, or emplacement.

Each Point spent on this Quality is eight points of Stats, Mode Qualities possessed by the Station.
Stations do not have Durability, they have Resilience equal to Size.

Enclosed stations can accommodate a Cybertronian their own Size, and open ones two higher.
This can be increased with Carrying Capacity.

Stations have the necessary capabilities to serve their purpose. A station can be semi-automated, these have the Stats Analysis and Program.

Firepower indicates the station has a weapon. Utility grants a bonus to characters performing station related tasks.


Med Station (1 Point): Size 3, Utility 3; Alternate Propulsion (2pts.)
This high-tech gurney can hold any standard sized cybertronian, and can be moved over any terrain by one person. It has diagnostic equipment, tools, and emergency supplies to provide repairs for Cybertronians.

Observation Post (1 Point): Size 4, Utility 3, Quality: Holomatter Camouflage (1 pt.)
This Station will fit a Size 4 cybertronian inside it. It conceals itself and records all sensor data.