Stasis Lock

When the character’s systems are overwhelmed they will attempt to preserve the character's Spark by Stasis Locking the character.
Stasis Lock is the Cybertronian equivalent to a coma. It can be repaired like any other system failure.

Resist Stasis Lock: Courage & Durability (-1 per Fault)
Critical Success: Lose 1 Fault.
Success: No effect.
Failure: Stasis Locked.
Critical failure: Stasis Lock and gain 1 Fault.

A character in Stasis Lock due to damage may recover after an hour thanks to their auto-repair systems. But this is risky.

Stasis Lock Recovery: Durability & Intensity (-1 per Fault) Vs TN 10
Critical Success: Out of Stasis Lock.
Success: Out of Stasis Lock, and Resist System Failure.
Failure: Stasis Locked until repaired.
Critical failure: Stasis Locked until repaired, and Resist System Failure.