Special Attack

For each Point spent on this Quality the character's attack has properties beyond the usual:
(Pick one)
A +2 bonus to Deal Damage.
A +2 bonus to Attack.
This attack can be made against targets at extreme range.
A successful attack also allows a specific Maneuver (chosen when this quality is purchased) to be made in addition to Deal Damage.
This attack is made, avoided or resisted differently: one of the two Stats used to Attack, Defend or Resist Damage is different.
The attack has an Area-of-Effect.
The attack is subtle (quieter, less bright, etc.) and may not be recognized as weapon fire.

If this attack uses ammunition, it can fire 10 shots before needing to be reloaded, and reduces the cost by one.
If this attack costs one EC reduce the Point cost by three.
(Minimum cost is one.)