Spark Qualities


Ideal Combiner: This Spark is well-suited for combination.

Enduring: This Spark is more resilient than most.

Exospace Affinity: This Spark has the properties not fully understood that allow exospace based technologies to function.

Extra Modes: This Spark can manage a more complex Transformation Cog.

Facsimilating Spark: This Spark split shortly after it was created, but then recombined before being placed into separate Spark Chambers. It instead gained the ability to create short-lived copies of itself, weakly quantum entangled to the original.

Perfect Union: This character’s Spark acclimated to the character’s body so quickly it gave them a head start.

Split Mode: This Spark split after it was created and placed into a single protoform. As a result the finishing process modified the protoform as it developed. The character has a mode that is split into pieces, each piece containing its own strongly quantum entangled Spark.

Titanic: This Spark has a reach beyond its Magnitude.