The Spark is a unique accomplishment of Quintesson technology. It is the source of decision making, the signals that transmit instructions to the body, and the catalyst to safely use energon. It was also, unexpectedly, what allowed Cybertronians to become self-aware. It is contained in the character's Spark Chamber.

The Spark is the source of these Stats:

Adroitness: The character's mental acuity, accumen, and ability to solve problems.

Magnitude: The reach of a Spark's influence.

Intensity: The raw power of a Spark.

Determination: The character's resolve.

Characters may also have Qualities, or Complications from their Spark.

One level of each of these Stats costs one Point.

Qualities cost One Point, unless they have their own costs.
Complications give the player One more Point to spend, unless described otherwise.