Name: SixSpider

SixSpider was a Decepticon during the Revolt against the Quintessons (which, like all Cybertronians, he doesn’t remember because of the Purge).

During the formation of the Autobot faction SixSpider became a double agent for the Autobots, and has maintained cover even after the end of the Civil War. He used his access as a low-level Decepticon technician to give information and supplies to the few remaining Autobot cells on Cybertron.

After Optimus Prime and the rest of his cell left Cybertron on The Ark, chased by Megatron and most of the Decepticon High Command, nothing changed. Shockwave continues to command the Decepticons, who carry on as draconian as ever, and the few remaining Autobots are in hiding. SixSpider no longer expects much from the Autobot cause.

Spark (B)

Adroitness: 5
Magnitude: 3
Intensity: 0
Determination: 4

Quality: Split Mode (5 pts.)
SixSpider has an incredibly rare hexfurcated spark. His consciousness is divided into six parts contained in individual spark chambers throughout his body. When he transforms he splits into six independent Altmodes.

Diminished Spark (+1 pt.)
The hexfurcation of his Spark has left it unable to provide the occasional surge of power other Cybertronians may call on.

Experience (C)

Charisma: 1
Courage: 3
Discipline: 5
Empathy: 2

Engineer: +1 to rolls to fabricate, maintain, or repair. (1 pt.)
Scout: +1 to orient oneself, find new routes, and do it quietly. (1 pt.)
Wallflower: +2 to be overlooked, ignored, or to generally fit in. (1 pt.)

Amoral (+1 pt.)
Dismissive (+1 pt.)
Sixspider has seen a lot of needless destruction, ultimately meaningless sacrifice, and petty cruelty. He spends a lot of time these days alone, and thinks of himself first.

Robot Mode (B adjusted down from A)

A lanky light-blue robot of average size, with dark-blue and grey accents. He has skinny upper arms and thighs, with large forearms, long fingers, and broad feet. His head is sculpted to suggest he is wearing a helmet with a built-in visor. He doesn’t have much of a face, no nose, and a plate covering where a mouth and chin would be.

Coordination: 3
Durability: 3
Firepower: 0
Response: 4
Sensors: 4
Size: 3
Size-: 2
Speed: 4
Strength: 2

Efficient: EC equals Size. (1 pt.)
Expanded Energon Reserve: ER value is 18 times Size. (1 pt.)
Integrated Tools: +2 to maintenance and repair. (1 pt.)
SixSpider’s long slender fingers can fold back into his hands and be replaced by common tools.

Unique Technology: Magnetic Pads (No EC) (1 pt.)
SixSpider’s body contains multiple magnetic pads that allow him to travel across metal surfaces, or lie down on them, in any orientation. His sense of balance is unimpaired even upside down.

Less powerful Mode
No Onboard Weaponry (+1 pt.)

Energon Reserve: 54
Energon Cost: 3

Robot Altmode (E adjusted down from A+)

SixSpider’s six part Altmode is identical spider-like repair robots. They are very similar to the non-sentient repair drones found inside the many crawlspaces on Cybertron, and ones like them across the civilized galaxy. His body is a thick hexagon, to which the six limbs are attached. On top of that is an upright cylinder lined with sensors, oriented to one side of the hexagon, and a box for holding parts. They, like the repair drones they mimic, have magnetic pads and various tools built-in.

Coordination: 4
Durability: 3
Firepower: 0
Response: 2
Sensors: 3
Size: 0
Size-: 5
Speed: 3
Strength: 0

More Powerful Mode.

Complication: (+1 pt.)
No Onboard Weaponry

Energon Reserve: 9
Energon Cost: 1

Hardware (D)