The Basics:

For most tasks roll 2d6 and add two Stats; if this total is equal to, or greater than, the Target Number you succeed.
A roll of doubles means the result is Critical, either Critical Success or Critical Failure depending on the total.

Specific tasks will list the Stats used this way: Stat-Name & Stat-Name. For example: Making Friends: Charisma & Empathy.

If a rule asks you to multiply or divide a Stat, and that Stat is 0, treat it as ½. Always round to the nearest whole number, if exactly ½ round in your favor.

Extended Tasks: Sometimes a task requires multiple successful rolls to complete. PCs make one of these rolls per action, with each success counting towards the number required. A critical success may count as two successful actions, or grant a bonus to the next roll attempted. Critical failures frequently have the opposite effect. Usually something is at risk in an Extended Task, like limited supplies or time.

Characters can spend Determination Points to affect rolls.

Phases & Initiative
System Failure