Phases Initiative

Phases are a way of organizing actions in dangerous situations, with PCs taking turns in Initiative order. Phases have no specific length of time they represent, they take as long as necessary.

At the beginning of a Phase each player rolls initiative, since there isn’t a Target Number for Initiative there are no Critical results.

Initiative: Response & GM selected Stat.

These totals are recorded, highest to lowest, along with NPC Initiative numbers by the GM.
The characters take turns from highest to lowest. Under extreme circumstances Initiative might be a negative number, these characters may still act.

Then a required Initiative of 5 is established. Characters who meet the requirement act again.

This is repeated in five point increments (5, 10, 15, etc.) when no characters meet the requirement the phase is over.

If a character transforms into a mode with a different Response Stat their initiative is adjusted by the difference. If characters combine into a Gestalt the Gestalt’s initiative is added to the order, if that number is less than the current requirement the Gestalt doesn’t act in this phase.