Mode Qualities

Qualities without a listed cost are 1 Point.

[R]: A Robot Mode Quality
[A]: An Altmode Quality
[R/A]: Qualities for any mode
[R+A] Qualities that must be taken in all modes.

[R/A] Accelerated

[R/A] Alternate Propulsion

[A] Carrying Capacity

[R] Cloning

[R/A] Data Bank

[R] Dynotron

[R/A] Efficient

[R/A] Energon Synthesis

[R] Expanded Energon Reserve

[R/A] Extra Appendages

[R+A] Failsafe

[R/A] Field Upgrades

[R/A] Holomatter Avatar

[R/A] Holomatter Camouflage

[R/A] Integrated Tools

[R/A] Invigorated

[R/A] Mass Shifting

[R/A] Massive

[R/A] Matter Recompiler

[R/A] Melee Attack

[R/A] More powerful Mode

[R+A] Multi-changer

[A+R] Quick Change

[R/A] Sabotage

[R/A] Shielding

[R/A] Special Attack

[R/A] Subspace Compartment

[R/A] Subspace Shift

[R/A] Super-mode

[A] UltraFlight

[R/A] Unique Technology

[R/A] Useful Aesthetics