Off Cybertron other mechanical life exists.

The Junkions who live in the world-spanning landfill on the planet Junk.
The Scale Walkers, Fur Walkers, Wave Walkers, and Cloud Walkers on planet Eukaris.
The Devisen Twins on planet Devisiun.
The Torchbearers on planet Caminus.
The Throttlebots and their two troublemaking factions the Battlechargers and Jumpstarters, on planet Velocitron.
The Masters on planet Dominus.

The enslaved Allicons and Sharkticons still serving the Quintessons on planet Quintessa and beyond.

The Catharsians from Catharsia Station, though most live among other species.

Scarvix and Jabbi-Ko assigned tasks outside of the Vestial Imperium