Holomatter Avatar

A believable holomatter construct controlled by the character.
It has the same Response and Sensors as the character.
Other Stats: Coordination 2, Durability 1, No Firepower, Size 0, Size- 5, Speed 2, Strength 1.

While using the Avatar any Sensor rolls are made with a -4 penalty (not including those made with the avatar’s senses).
The avatar shares the same initiative as the character, and taking an action with the avatar uses one of the character’s actions.

One Point spent on this Quality means the avatar can operate in the same area.

Additional Points spent on this Quality add one of the following:
The avatar can operate up to three areas away.
The Sensor penalty is reduced to -1.
The avatar can be reconfigured on the fly to imitate specific persons.
The holomatter avatar operates independently. (Requires Facsimilating Spark Quality.)