Faster-than-light travel comes in three major types:

Transwarp: Created by the pre-Quintessons by improving an older and obsolete form of FTL (Warp Shunt Drive).
It creates a field of warpace around the ship that allows for FTL, but severely distorts sensor readings.

Jumpdrive: Created around the same time as Warp Shunt Drives.
Jumpdrives shift the ship into Foldspace for a brief moment, teleporting them across the galaxy.
Jumpdrive requires very precise navigational information, or else it's extremely dangerous.
With widespread navigation beacons, Jumpdrive is widely used an safe.

Hyperdrive: Created by the Antillians, before they vanished, who spread it to other civilisations freely.
It is widely considered to be the superior form of FTL, and the most common.