Devisen Twins

The inhabitants of Devisiun are overwhelmingly pairs of Size 1 robots with entangled Sparks that have component Altmodes that form a bonded combination vehicle mode. The largest Devisens are Size 2.

A small number of Devisen Twins have their own individual vehicle altmodes, but usually have a third component mode for some type of combination.

The Devisens developed self-awareness around the same time Cybertronians did, but the Quintesson Committee assumed this was the result of the Spark Propagation process.
The Quintessons allowed the Devisens to form their own society as their control protocols kept them subservient.

Free Deviun is democracy led by a pair Vice Presidents; currently two rare non-twins, MonoDuo (who has a split Robot Mode) and Cadre (who has a Facsimilating Spark and Cloning capabilities).

Devisen is protected by the Multi-Force, 17 members consisting of:

Three pairs of twins:
Wing & Waver, Dash & Tacker, and Mach & Tackle.
They gestalt combine to form: Wingwaver, Dashtacker, and Machtackle. All six also gestalt combine to form Landcross.

Landcross is further augmented by:
Twins Throttle & Hi-Test who bond combine into a fighter, and an enhancement mode that grants Landcross Ultraflight and Mass Shifting.

Landcross is armed with the link combined utility modes of the Devisen Triplets:
The Cryo Saber (Snowblind, Lens, and Quantum),
The Umbral Blaster (Backblast, Blastcharge, and Scrap Iron),
and The Cosmotector Shield (Draft, Indy, and Spin)

The Committee shut down their station's Space Bridge during the Decepticon Revolt's electronic attacks, and were spared the bombing that followed.
They tried to retake Devisen, and were repelled by the Multi-Force who also liberated their transforming ship/station/robot: Metrobase.