Combination Matrix

The Combination Matrix is a Quintesson invention whose location is currently unknown, and whose existence is disputed.

If encountered it may activate just by being in the presence of Cybertronians.

If the Combination Matrix is activated all player's roll a d6:
Any players who roll a number that matches another player's roll will have their characters gain the Spark Complication Entangled Spark with that other character.

All characters gain the Spark Quality Ideal Combiner with three levels, and a level of Extra Modes.
All characters gain the Mode Quality Multi-Changer for all modes to gain a component altmode
All characters gain the Experience Complication Negative Personality Trait "Cliquish" as they no longer want to spend time away from the group, and will distrust outsiders.

The combined mode of those affected is almost always a Gestalt, but it could be a Bond or Link.

New Gestalt's need time to settle.
When a Gestalt is formed roll 1d6+1: If the result is less than the number of times it has been formed it has settled, and no future rolls are needed.

Otherwise, everytime a Critical Failure is rolled roll a d6:
1: The Gestalt panics and separates immediately.
2-3: The Gestalt flees as fast as it can, each phase (or every five minutes) the Gestalt may roll Courage & Discipline to calm down.
4: The Gestalt is frozen in indecision, each phase (or every five minutes) the Gestalt may roll Adroitness & Discipline to snap out of it.
5-6: The Gestalt is gripped by frenzied rage, each phase (or every five minutes) the Gestalt may roll Discipline & Empathy to stop wrecking everything.

Bond and Link combinations don't have this problem, but they do have a -2 to all rolls involving mode stats until they spend roughly a day's worth of time in their combined mode.