After the Revolt the Constructicons studied the Assembly Sector closely, and those on Cybertron with split modes, transtector bodies, or whose Entangled Sparks resulted in combined Altmodes.

They were trying to solve what they called The Enigma of Combination, which would allow them to modify Cybertronians into Combiners.
Eventually they did, and Decepticons have had the lead in Combiners ever since.

Annoyingly, some misunderstood the Constructicons and thought an actual, physical object, called The Enigma of Combination existed.
The Constructicons never stopped trying to disabuse them of this obviously incorrect belief.

Participants in a combination have a component mode for this purpose.

Players with characters that combine make the Combined Mode by following these steps:

1. The Combined Mode has all Stats it shares with the Component Mode at the same level, except for Size.

2. To determine the starting Size of the Combined Mode first determine each Component Mode’s volume.
Add the Volume of the Component Modes together and find the Combined Mode Size
This Size may be greater than the Magnitude Stats of the participants.
If the Size Stat goes above 5, the Quality Titanic is not required.

The Quality Massive may be purchased (in Step 3) to increase the Size of the Combined Mode, but this does require Mass Shifting or the inclusion of other objects.
The participants do not need the Quality Exospace Affinity to mass shift while combined.

3. Spend the Points gained by the participants' Combination Quality on the Stats the Combined Mode doesn't have yet, purchase Qualities, and take Complications.

4. Determine Energon Cost and Energon Reserve.

The Size values of the Component Altmodes (+1 if Massive, +1 if Mass Shifted) added together, and multiplied by 1 for Efficient Combined Modes, 2 normally, or 3 for Inefficient Modes.

All participant’s ER values added together.

Combined Mode Rules

Faults and System Failures of the Combined Mode must be distributed among the participants when they separate.
Any spent ergons of energon are deducted as evenly as possible from among all participants when they separate.

Combined Modes forced into Standby must make a successful Durability & Response roll to not separate.

If the Combined Mode suffers Catastrophic Structural Damage, and the bulk of this clearly affects one participant, they separate independently from the others.
If this loss makes the combined form unviable, they all separate immediately.
Additionally, the participant separated by a Catastrophic Structural Damage result also must Resist Breach.