This Requires the Facsimilating Spark Quality.

Two Points spent on this Quality grants the character sophisticated matter reconfiguration capabilities.
With a supply of appropriate material, and an hour of time, the character can create a clone of themselves in one of their modes.

The clone makes all rolls with a -1 penalty.
A character with this ability can maintain a number of clones equal to their Intensity Stat.
The Clone’s Spark is a facsimile of the character’s spark and is weakly entangled with the original.

Clones cannot transform or take in Energon. If a Clone would go into Stasis Lock it crumbles into rust and silicates.
While the clone functions the character knows how approximately how far away it is, and in what direction.
When a clone is destroyed everything it knows is suddenly transferred to the character. When this happens the character must Resist Stun Vs TN 12

Cloning costs one EC (two if the materials are subpar) and two additional ergons of energon, per ergon the Clone will have in its Energon Reserve.

A semi-complete body can be made in advance (by regular methods), which reduces the time to make a clone to a single action.

An additional Point spent on this Quality means the clone can either transform, or take in additional energon after it is created (but at a 2:1 rate).

Two additional Points spent on this Quality allows the character to make a clone from raw materials as one action.

Two additional Points spent on this Quality allows the character to make two clones at once (each must be separately supplied with energon).