Name: Chopper

Chopper was a Decepticon from the moment he walked out of the Final Assembly Sector. He served in Decepticon Planetary Defense patrolling the edges of Landing Zone 1 near Decepticon High Command at the Space Bridge, and then in the Civil War.

He was promoted to Assistant Warden at the LZ-3 prison camp, under Warden Quake. Chopper began to have doubts about the Decepticon cause seeing the petty cruelty heaped on the prisoners under Quake’s direction.

A few days ago a pair of prisoners, Tankette and Falconet, managed to escape somehow; and attacked a supply depot immediately after. Shockwave demanded an explanation and Quake blamed Chopper, trying to execute him on the spot.

Chopper escaped, and has nowhere to go. He has heard rumors that a Decepticon maintenance technician, SixSpider, runs a black market for Decepticons looking to get around official rationing and requisitions. Chopper hopes SixSpider will help him, and that he can pay for it.

Spark (D)

Adroitness: 2
Magnitude: 3
Intensity: 3
Determination: 3

Exospace Affinity (1pt.)

Experience (C)

Charisma: 3
Courage: 4
Discipline: 3
Empathy: 2

Robot Mode (A+ adjusted from A)

Chopper’s altmode is obvious from his primitive robot mode. His head has his headlight as a single central eye, his front turn signals are underneath suggesting a mouth that flashes when he speaks. His handlebars protrude form the sides of his heads. His chest is a fuel tank, his abdomen an engine. His right forearm is his collapsed front forks, with his front wheel instead of a hand. His left forearm holds a spool for a leash-like cable that plugs into the neck of his drone Sidecar.
His body is mostly black and chrome, with some green in his upper arms, and shins. His Decepticon badge on his chest is in a circle of black trailing green and lime flames.

Coordination: 3
Durability: 4
Firepower: 5
Response: 4
Sensors: 3
Size: 3
Size-: 2
Speed: 3
Strength: 4

Melee Attack: Deal Damage +2. (1pt.)
More powerful mode.
Sabotage: Structures, Area (3pts.)
Subspace Shift: Sydekar. (1pt.)
Chopper fires a particle beam from his eye. His front wheel can be spun and surrounded in an energy field acting like a buzzsaw. If he orrients the wheel parallel to a surface he can emit powerful sympathetic vibrations from the axle that will break anything apart, given time.

Energon Reserve: 24
Energon Cost: 4

Vehicle Altmode (B adjusted from A)

Chopper transforms into a black motorcycle, with some green and lots of chrome; either Cybertronian or humanoid sized.

Durability: 3
Firepower: 0
Maneuverability: 3
Power: 2
Response: 4
Sensors: 4
Size: 3/1
Size-: 2/4
Speed: 5

Holomatter Avatar. (1pt.)
Mass Shifting (Size 3 or 1) (2pts.)
His Avatar is a stereotypical biker, with a vest that has biker gang “colors” (the Decepticon badge). He rarely uses his Mass Shifting.

Less powerful mode.
No onboard weaponry. (+1pt.)

Energon Cost: 8/4

Hardware (B)
Drone: Sidecar (3pts.)
Has Altmode, Built on Priority C.


Robot Mode (B adjusted from C)

Sidecar is a large green metal dog with chrome teeth. He is a good dog.

Analysis: 2
Coordination: 4
Firepower: 0
Program: 2
Response: 4
Sensors: 3
Size: 2
Size-: 3
Speed: 4
Strength: 3

Melee Attack: Deal Damage +2 (1pt.)
Shielding: Resist Damage +4 (2pts.)

Imprecise Appendages (+1pt.)

Energon Reserve: 4
Energon Cost: 1

Utility Mode (D adjusted from C)

Sidecar, when connected by his leash-cable to Chopper, transforms into a literal sidecar. His head becomes a relief on the front slope of the sidecar.
His mouth opens to fire his plasma cannon. The cannon is controlled by Chopper, not Sidecar.

Analysis: 1
Firepower: 5
Program: 1
Response: 1
Sensors: 1
Size: 2/0
Size-: 4/5

Mass Shifting (Size 2 or 0, this requires connection to Chopper) (2pts.)
Shielding: Resist Damage +4 (2pts.)
Special Attack: Attack +2, Deal Damage +4 (3pts.)

Energon Cost: 1